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Kocaeli Saygın Label

Kocaeli Saygın Labelis a leading company that offers label and packaging solutions with years of experience and quality service approach. Founded in 1990, our company has maintained its leadership in the sector by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level ever since.

In addition to our label production, we provide our customers with the Sales of Ribbons, Barcode Printers, Spare Parts, Handheld Terminals and Barcode Readers used in barcoded systems, Spare Parts Sales of these products and After-Sales Service Support services.

There are 3 Gallus and Semi Rotary Letterpress Printing Machines, 3 Cutting and 3 Quality Control machines in our label production line.

Quality and Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

As Kocaeli Saygın Label, we aim to keep the quality of our products and services at the highest level. That's why we offer excellent products to our customers using the latest technologies and best materials in the industry. Customer satisfaction is at the center of our business and we attach importance to providing the most appropriate solutions to our customers' needs.

Various Label and Packaging Solutions

Kocaeli Saygın Label offers a wide range of products. We specialize in label design, printing and packaging. We produce customized labels and packaging according to our customers' specific needs. We provide services to food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, automotive, textile and many other sectors.

Environmental Awareness

Protection of nature and the environment is one of the priorities of Kocaeli Saygın Label. We provide sustainable label and packaging solutions using environmentally friendly materials. Our commitments to waste management and recycling practices are part of our mission to protect our environment.

Experienced and Professional Team

The greatest power behind our success is our experienced and expert team. We have a staff that guides our customers at every stage and offers solutions specific to their needs. We work to manage our customers' projects in the best way and deliver them on time.

Kocaeli Saygın Label is a reliable partner for your label and packaging needs. Contact us and discover our special solutions.

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